Profile Updated: August 26, 2020
Residing In: Onalaska, WI USA
Spouse/Partner: Widow
Occupation: Paralegal - Marine Credit Union
Children: Angela born 1966, Jeffery born 1969,
Grandsons: Bryant born 1992, Colin born 1998, Calin born 2005
Grandaughters: More…Katherine born 2001, Graycie born 2005
Great Granddaughter: Emery Koscianski born 06/21/2020


Yes! Attending Reunion

I am very proud of my children and grandchildren. Graycie, age 9, living in Hayward, WI has been taking ice skating lessons since age 3 and has been in several competitions. She currently holds 9 gold metals, 2 silver metals and 1 bronze metal. Last June she was lucky enough to be accepted to attend classes with the current Olympians and their coaches in Colorado Springs, CO. She earn the "most versatile" skater award. Since she has gone as far as she can in Hayward, she and her parents (my daughter) are moving to Colorado this April so she can take lessons with professional teachers hoping to be able to enter training as a future Olympian as soon as possible. It amazes me that someone so young is so adamant about what she wants to do and does not blink an eye when it comes to all that she will have to give up to reach her dream. At age 9, I think all I cared about was playing and school, never what career path I would follow.

School Story:

I married young, and was a stay at home mom until my son turned 10. At that time I re-entered the job market and shortly ended up training as a Paralegal. My main areas of work was all chapters of bankruptcy, Social Security Disability, estate planning, probate, real estate and some corporate work. I was the only Paralegal in the area at the time that could handle farm, business and personal reorganizations (Chapters 11, 12 and 13) and straight bankruptcy (Chapter 7). I loved the work, very fulfilling to help so many people save their homes, farm and businesses and to also get a fresh start throuh bankruptcy. When I married my second husband, he did not want me to work and I realized I was ready to give up the stress. He died 10 1/2 months after we married and I stayed home. About 2 years ago, I decided I needed to get out of the house, so I began working at Sam's Club, my fun retirement job.In addition, I raise Yorkie and Shih Tzu puppies.


I remember E-wing, of course, especially the "practice halls!!!!!!!" By the way, I still play my flute for the church choir and surprise, surprise, I sing too. Remember the Dark Knights? Can't believe I haven't seen anything mentioned here. The guys sure got into some mischief. Aren't they the ones who rolled the beer barrel down the new wing shortly before graduation? Can't believe that I actually believed it was water in the squirt guns. Wow! Have they had a reunion? Maybe they will have something planned for the reunion just for old times sake. Could be interesting? Girls remember the sexy swimming suits for gym class? For those of you that were in the band, remember New York. Think they would separate men and women on the buses for the night in today's society? I remember my sole late night trip to Grand Central Station for sodas for our room. I apologize again for chickening out once I got down there and coming back empty handed. The memories go on. Does that mean I still have my right mind and old age hasn't totally taken over?

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W6792 Kramer Road
Onalaska. WI 54650


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Hi Mike - did you know we are neighbors? I live in Onalaska, WI. What made you move to Winona?

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Would love to hear from everyone.